General Manager, Lived Experience

MHWC's inaugural General Manager, Lived Experience. Danilo Di Giacomo

Introducing Danilo Di Giacomo as the inaugural General Manager, Lived Experience at the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission.

Published: Thursday, 16 November 2023 at 12:00 pm

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission (MHWC) is thrilled to announce the appointment of our inaugural General Manager, Lived Experience. Danilo Di Giacomo will commence in the role from 22 November 2023.

As General Manager, Lived Experience, Danilo will be pivotal in helping the commission promote lived experience across the sector and engage the knowledge and wisdom of the consumer and carer communities in the strategic directions of the MHWC.

Danilo comes to the Commission from the Department of Health, where he worked as Director, Consumer, Lived Experience. This role provided strategic and operational advice across the Mental Health and Wellbeing Division as it implemented the recommendations from the Royal Commission and oversaw Victoria’s mental health services. Prior to this, Danilo was manager of the Lived Experience Policy team of the former Mental Health Branch. Danilo also has previous experience in the criminal justice and sexual health sectors.

Danilo is committed to meaningfully including the voice of people with lived experience in both their care, and in how the mental health system works.

Danilo’s experience and passion will support the Commission to embed lived experience leadership across the mental health service system in Victoria, ensuring that leadership opportunities are provided to the lived experience workforce within a framework that is supportive and encouraging.

The Commission is committed to elevating Lived Experience expertise throughout all levels of our organisation. Danilo will lead the establishment of lived experience in the MHWC and will work in collaboration with our lived experience Commissioners. At the MHWC, Consumer Commissioner Maggie Toko brings her lived experience of the public mental health and wellbeing system to the role while Carer Commissioner Jacqueline Gibson brings her lived experience as a family member and carer.

The MHWC sees genuine partnerships with people with lived and living experience of mental health issues as essential to positive system reform.

Over the next two years (and beyond), the MHWC aims for a richer, more cohesive dialogue about Victoria's mental health and wellbeing system, led by more consumers, carers and allies.

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