Kerryn's video

We want to create a positive culture where people feel that they can come forward and talk with us in an open manner - about the things that aren't working for them with the mental health system - not just our consumers, but carers, families and their supporters.

In doing this,we're able to engage with them to create a better, a more person-centred service.

One of the things to think about when people make complaints, is that we are engaging with them day to day about the things that aremost important to them, in their lives. Creating a positive complaints culture helps to create a greater sense of trust and engagement with our system.

I really urge you to engage with the 'it's ok to complain' campaign but also to promote it - not just to your colleagues, but also to consumers that you work with - their carers, their families, their supporters. So we can can work together to create a better mental health system.