Message from Zig and Luca


Zig and Luca identify as consumers. Watch them talk about how the mental health system will only improve if consumers and carers speak up.


Zig: Yeah...Why is it good to complain Luca?

Luca: It's good to complain Zig, cause it means you get the right treatment and the treatment you deserve. It also means that other young people get
the treatment they deserve.

Zig: Yeah, true, so it's like nothing's going to change if we...

Luca: The treatment won't change... your family's treatment won't change just get the treatment you deserve (if you speak up).

Zig: Yeah.. true... sounds good. I might make a complaint.

Luca: Well, I've made one.

Zig: Good on you! (Both laugh)
Luca: I think the system needs help sometimes Zig, I think. It's difficult for the system to know what we need if we don't tell the system what we need.